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FIFA 17 (or FIFA 2017) started in September this year, some major changes in previous releases promising, we (finally, the goalkeeper for a long time) and say goodbye to the graphics engine Ignite, and a warm welcome to give cubes popular technology Frostbite.

Frostbite: you can not forget the Star Wars battlefront imyaShto, Mirrors Edge and Battlefield 4 all together? Now, all three games with incredible graphics thanks to technology JamidiDICE. This suggests that in the future all FIFA incredible graphicsis taksamamayuts 17 FIFA is using the first of many to be Frostbite how vonverasen.Abmarazhenne open a whole new world of possibilities for EA Sports FIFA franchise and his followers, EA said, We have never been so excited as we are now the football experience FIFA expects that 17 prapanov.Yago improve gameplay will follow, more marked realizmu.FIFA17 establishment also is far behind already classic series, as officially leave asobatvar game, Messi is the only one, but four facesfamiliar adjusted: James Rodriguez from the team of Real Madrid, Manchester United Martial, Eden Hazard to Chelseaund Marc Reus from Borussia. All characters received special treatment from EA, so their movements, gestures and faces are as realistic as possible in the game. FileMaker Pro 15
Do you have a favorite, as mwenyewekujenga your fantasy team, do not worry? FIFA Ultimate Team is waiting to be opened behind the new Funktionenund, of course, hundreds of virtual envelope.

Football changes in verasniFIFA 17, EAVancouver is released on September 29 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. As always compete against PPL PES 2017 release around the same time frames.



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