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Un Padre No Tan Padre 2017

Located in the colonial city of luxury and majestic San Miguel de Allende, this comedy strange with actor Bonilla, Benny Ibarra who Llano, Jacqueline Bracamontes and Sergio Mayer Mori, following 85 years of Don Servando Villegas whose father Mexico long kick home retired for behavior which is not good. When his estranged son, Francisco had separated him full of hippies in the house of his girlfriend and her son. New Age coincided with the age of Don Servando and series Franciscoervaren’nhis konflikdan situations in which the stability of their homes at risk. Un Padre No Tan Padre is the story of a family, who was born in and we make along the way.

When Don Servando Villegas (85), both old father of Mexico banned from the retirement home, took her youngest son Francisco him. Don Servando’s about finding the truth about his son and his way of life.
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Un Padre No Tan Padre 2017

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