Adguard Premium v2 Torrent

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Adguard Premium v2

Adguard Premium RC (ADS unit without root)

Requirements: Android +

Blocks ads without root

Adguard provides reliable protection and management, immediately and without your participation filtering web page load. Adguard removes all the annoying ads blocking the loading of dangerous web sites and do not letanyone to track network activity.

During processing Adguard website does several things:

1.Udalyaet advertising and Internet tracking codedirekta from the page.

2. Check the website against our database of phishing and malware sites.

3. Checks applications downloaded from unknownsources.

What’s New:

added exceptions # 673

Notice of expiring license number 606

Ad blocking Rushes Film App News # 711


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Adguardobespechivayut reliable and easypamahalaanproteksyon, immediately and without udziałufiltruje loading web pages. Adguard removes all the annoying ads, website blocking loading of dangerous, and do not let anyone to track network activity.


– Comfort and safety

– You’ll be surprised at how much moreconvenient and more secure Internet will be installed after Adguard.

– Adguard for Windows

– AKratky list of the most important changes: a significant reduction in memory consumption, ipinakilalakumportable adding a new filter advertising, integration with WoT is now separate support rozszerzeńdodanofor new browsers in accordance with the conflicts with popular programs and error in the processing of applications and so on.

– Reduced memory usage

– We significantly optimize memory usage. Now, even if vyispolzuet old computer or a weak netbook running Adguardin the background, without slowing down the device. It compares the memory usage in one of naunangbersyon. And needless to say, the results showed several times lower.

– Ad filter

– In addition, Adguard stałjeszcze broad program. Now users can install any filtersads. What does it mean? In addition to the filters, the default ustanovlennyhAdguard, you can add a third party, such as a list of filters that allow you to block ads Adguard in different segments of web pages in different languages, in particular. All this can directly maginggawinin the program, simply select the desired filter and click Add selected.

– Display of possible risks

Integration with Web of Trust is now captured in a separate extension, which can be turned off. In addition, a warning when you visit a suspicious Web site has changed.With the help of the WoT, our Adguard can immediately notify the user of the Web reputation and show the reasons for which the site ayitinuturing suspicious. Category suspicions may in particular scam, potentially illegal, abusive or unethical, poor quality of servicecustomers, threats to privacy, and more.


1.Rozpakuj and install

2. Closing copy the patch to the installation folder

3. Run as administrator Patch

4. Patch and wait

5. Done.

Adguard Premium v2

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