Getting Kids To Eat Healthier

The Problem

In this day and age, shockingly, more than one in ten preschoolers are obese. No one really has a clear answer. People have discussed getting kids off their screens and outside more. Getting kids to eat healthier is also important. As a mom, I struggled with getting my kids to eat more vegetables, something I feel is a cornerstone to healthier eating.  But how? I thought about how when my kids were young, we would visit my family’s farm and they would dig up potatoes in the vegetable garden. It was like discovering nuggets of gold for them. Of course they would eat all the vegetables they harvested. I knew I was on to something.

Our Solution

So, on a chilly Earth Day in 2011, I started a Bloomers gardening program for schools. After working for many years and with thousands of children across the country, I learned four things about gardening with kids:

  1. It has to be fun for the kids, or else they won’t do it.
  2. Ideally, it should be easy for the grownups, or else they won’t do it.
  3. There has to be some mystery for everyone, so they WANT to do it.
  4. Almost all kids will eat a vegetable if they’ve grown it. By inspiring kids to garden, you will get the kids to eat healthier.

Our Bloomers Island gardening products take care of number 1 and 2 pretty easily.  Number 4 takes care of itself. But, how did I create the mystery in number 3? Simple … into the gardening tasks I wove the story of the Bloomers and Bloomers Island where plants became the intelligent species.  Also, no humans had ever been to Bloomer Island. The kids were inspired and with the Bloomers’ help, everyone was able to grow their own food.

What’s Next for Bloomers…

I am excited to announce that through Rodale Kids, an exciting new book imprint, Bloomers Island is releasing a complete set of gardening books. We aim to inspire your kids to eat healthier, by gardening anywhere and eating vegetables, whether they grow them or not. The first book in the Bloomers Island series is, The Great Garden Party, and is now available in bookstores everywhere!  My personal goal is to educate 10,001 children in the joy of gardening with this series of books. I’m going to need your help. On Bloomers Island, we think that eating healthier is a habit that all children can benefit from. The thing is, healthy eating habits start young. Here’s where your help comes in …

Bloomers Island, The Great Garden Party

Bloomers Island, The Great Garden Party

Give a Bloomer you love, the inspiration to live healthier by purchasing The Great Garden Party today which is available in bookstores everywhere or by clicking on any of the store links below. It is a gift they will enjoy their entire lives.

Oh, and one more thing. Another way to get your kids to eat healthier is to check out our kid-friendly vegetable recipes HERE.