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You’ve Got Snail Mail!

I remember when I was a little girl, the mail lady who drove up and down our suburban hill and stuck letters in the humungous, white mailbox at the end of our driveway. If we wanted to mail something, we would put it in the box and put up the red flag that rested at its side. The mail lady was very sweet to us and at Christmas we would leave her a little plate of holiday cookies or a card with some cash in it. She would take my envelope with its carefully printed address to Santa Claus at the North Pole usually with an S & H green stamp in the upper right hand corner, and promise to deliver it to him. At that time we would get stacks of Christmas cards from all my mom and dad’s friends near and far, back at a time before social media could catch them up on everyone’s doings. I imagined that every letter in the mailbox was from a place I had never heard of and never been to, which was probably true, but those places were the nearest big city which was Pittsburgh, and not somewhere exotic like Hawaii or Europe or Australia.

The idea of getting a letter was fantastical to me at that time. I didn’t even get letters or cards from my grandparents then because they all lived close and I saw them all the time. But when we moved far away from our suburban home to Misty Hill Farm, (written in neat block letters on our new mailbox), I promised to write to my friend Cindy Wolf, who in addition to sharing the same first name and last initial as me also shared my birthday. I even got stationery for Christmas that year and we were pretty conscientious about our writing until we weren’t anymore.

When my first children’s book, The Great Garden Party, was published, a lot of my friends and family asked me to sign their book for a special child. And I thought, why not send that child a postcard with my thanks and well wishes (and remind them to eat their veggies of course). That way, the book wouldn’t get marked up and they would get something in the mail… a most unusual occurrence for any child, in any time. So I set about, designing and printing the postcard which is from an exotic place, Bloomers Island, which is somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean and no human has ever seen it let along visited it. And they even have their own mail system (the Snail Mailman) and their own stamps (worth 50 Golden Suns). I thought that would be much more exciting and the child could use it as a bookmark too! And then I thought, why not offer that to every child who buys a book? So that’s what I’m doing. If you buy one of the Bloomers’ books, you can email me at, (I will get that promptly), with your child’s name and address and I will send her or him a postcard from Bloomers Island. (Remember though, that since it is coming from the Snail Mailman on Bloomers Island, it may take a little while!)

Enjoy your book and eat your veggies. I look forward to hearing from you.