A fun and super easy way to grow flowers, fruits and veggies.


Quite possibly Mother Nature’s favorite new toy.


Kids learn that magic doesn’t happen overnight.


SeedPops. Just add water and watch them grow.


Discovering the science of growing with the Bloomers.


Kids who grow them, eat them.


Stories and games fortify learning.


Hands-on learning is simply the best.

Discovering the science of growing with the Bloomers.

Bloomers Island Book Series

Through the clever guidance of Professor Sage and the playful escapades of the Bloomers, readers discover how everything grows. The Bloomers Island Book Series will inspire children as they see the world of nature through their favorite characters.

SeedPops Seed Starters

Who says growing things has to be a chore? Growing vegetables, fruits or flowers from a SeedPop is like planting a lollipop garden. Your family will be mesmerized by the miracle of growing in a truly extraordinary way. Get started now on your SeedPops garden.

Cynthia Wylie Author Events

Schedule an event for your school with Penguin Random House author, Cynthia Wylie. In addition to reading and signing her books, she also leads kids on fun and educational games and activities all steeped in science. They can’t wait to get home and tell their parents what they did in school that day.

Resources for Home & School

Whether you are at home or in school, avail yourself of these worksheets and experiments related to all things green based on the popular Bloomers Island school curriculum.

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