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Bloomers Island About Us

The Bloomers Island mission is to encourage the healthiest planet and healthiest people possible by teaching and inspiring young children about the magical world of gardening. 

We believe that hands-on gardening education is the way to go, because when kids understand how things work, it empowers them to ask more questions and feel intelligent, which creates passion. Plus, understanding gardening or in a larger sense, agriculture, is to understand complex systems that include plant science, biology, healthy eating and environmental awareness.

And here’s the thing – our process can be done in a garden, a backyard, on a balcony or even on a windowsill. Every child can participate in our activities that encourage your child to blossom with a sense of accomplishment and ownership, and to learn that magic doesn’t happen overnight.

Our goal is to make gardening education fun for kids and easy for grownups.

All of our products and activities include a reward system to help keep kids fully engaged. The Bloomers Island gardening programs and products include extras from indoor and outdoor activities, healthy recipes, coloring sheets, science and technology activities, and storybooks which complement the growing process. Achievement badges and reward points give your children the incentives to continue taking good care of their growing plants specifically and the planet more broadly. 

The adorable Bloomers characters are easy to fall in love with and provide the ultimate companion experience for growing plants and trees as well as to encourage healthy eating. Through our work with hundreds of schools and thousands of children we have shown that over 90% of kids will eat a vegetable if they’ve grown it.

Author of Bloomers Island Cynthia Wylie

Cynthia Wylie is a hard-driving entrepreneur with a successful track record. She was raised on a farm which taught her the ins and outs of nature from an early age. Her recent startup, Bloomers Island has become the standard bearer brand for children to live healthier lives and make healthier food choices as well as inspire in them a love of gardening and nature. She has received two patents on her seed starters, SeedPops which have been sold in over 5,000 stores in North America including Target, Nordstrom and Costco Canada. The first five books of her nine-book series have been published with Rodale Kids, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

She has raised four, vegetable eating children. Her B.S. degree is in agriculture from Pennsylvania State University and she has an M.A. in economics from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. She is the part owner of her family farm in Western Pennsylvania.

Founding date: Earth Day, 2011